Hi, I’m Scott Weston. Right off the bat I should point out I’m INTP so this “posting about myself” thing is a bit uncomfortable but I can see it’s important on Steem so here goes.

Me in my Tesla


I can’t remember exactly how I got onto Steem. I’ve been going down the crypto-rabbit-hole for 6 months and started reading every whitepaper I came across. When I read that Steem uses Proof of Brain it instantly grabbed my attention and I’ve not been able to stop thinking about that since. I’ve spent some time in the “belly of the beast” (working at Google for 5 years) and have since leaving become more and more disheartened with the direction that the Internet is heading— it feels like Steem could be part of the solution.

I plan to post things to Steem from all facets of my life that I think others may find interesting including some or none of the following topics: Tesla, Space X, Home Automation, Renewable Energy, Coworking, Startups, Electronics and 3D printing.


I live in Ballarat, Australia. As you may have seen from my selfie above I drive a Tesla Model S which I enjoy immensely. My house also has a Tesla Powerwall 2 battery and a 6.5kWh solar system. My car literally runs on sunlight harvested from my own roof (which still makes me feel good every time I think about it). My hope is that electric cars, house batteries and solar panels will soon be just the norm but until then I’m happy to be an early adopter if it helps achieve that.

I’m currently the President of the Ballarat Hackerspace which operates a small hackerspace for the Ballarat area. I am currently thinking of ways where Steem could be used by the hackerspace and our members, a lot of the work done in the hackerspace is creative and requires the use of brains - so it seems a natural fit. If you want to be part of that experiment you might want to follow @hackerspace.

In my “day job” I’m a SysAdmin/DevOps but I enjoy more tinkering with home automation and startup ideas and so I spend a couple days a week doing exactly that while working out of the Lab 79 coworking space in Ballarat.

I also enjoy throwing a Frisbee for my dog and listening to Bon Iver.

Thank you!

Thank you for reading my #introduceyourself post. I will definitely read all your comments and answer any questions as best I can.