I will from now on be posting exclusively to steem. I think it’s a real disruptive and unique idea that I want to get behind and as such all my creative output will be posted there to show my support. This site will eventually be set-up to redirect there.

If you want a quick and easy way onto the steem blockchain you can buy a new account via BlockTrades this will create you an account and set it up with enough credits so that you can start rewarding creators straight away. If you’re not quite so sold on the idea (personally I wouldn’t hesitate to create a new account via BlockTrades) you can sign up for free at steemit.com but it may take several days for the new account to be approved and you will need to buy some steem to give your up votes a decent reward to content creators.

I personally think the advertiser funding model currently in use on the internet is on borrowed time (just investigate the stats on ad blocking) and steem is a super interesting technology that could replace it.