I’ve published the code I used to integrate my Tesla with the Google Assistant, it’s available on GitHub.

This works as middleware between IFTTT and the Tesla owners api. IFTTT can’t talk to authenticated api endpoints at this time and so this is why this service is required. You will need to run this service on a server somewhere on the internet and you should definitely connect to it via an SSL’d connection (with LetsEncrypt you have no excuse not to run everything encrypted these days).

Setting up the service does require a certain level of knowledge, ideally you are already aware of docker and running services on the internet. If these are things you’ve never done before you may need to read more docs on other sites as I’ve written this assuming the reader already has this base knowledge. I can’t set this up for you to work with your Tesla but I’m happy to answer questions if you get stuck trying to set it up yourself. It’s important that you understand how it works and what access to your Tesla it exposes to the internet at large so you can make an informed decision about running this service.

It is definitely cool and allows you to integrate your Tesla with Google assistant, IFTTT, Amazon Echo, smartwatches and all sorts of other home automation services but you do need to be aware of how it works before leaving it to run long term.

Full source-code and docs are available here